1 – 10auctions.com is a football memorabilia auction website available to all of the football fans and collectors that wants to post their personal items.


2 – All of the items must be authentic and genuine football memorabilia in order to be listed on 10auctions.com. No fan’s replicas nor reproductions are allowed on this website


3 – Our team of expert will first check all of the items before they will be listed. Only items that can be recognized and certified as authentic will be listed on this website. In some circumstances our team is not able to recognize and certify an item as authentic because of the lack of knowledge for that particular item.

In those circumstances it doesn’t mean that the item is not authentic. It only means that our team was not able to fully recognize it so our company prefers to decline the listing


4 – Only football memorabilia can be listed. Any other sporting memorabilia won’t be listed.


5 – We encourage not to list signed items as our team is not expert in autographs/signatures so we’ll be only certify the item itself and not any signature at all.


6 – This website follows our company’s policy “100% FOOTBALL – 100% ORIGINAL – 100% GUARANTEED – 100% CERTIFIED”


7 – We certify as “properly authentic” every item listed on 10auctions.com but we don’t issue any COA.

We encourage the purchase of our “Warranty of Dieci” for any item listed on 10auctions.com.

The “Warranty of Dieci” can be purchased anytime by the seller before the auction starts in order to have more appeal with the bidders, or by the buyer when the auction ends in order to have the only valid Certificate of Authenticity well recognized all over the world.

You can have more details about the “Warranty of Dieci” to this link


8 – Our company guarantees for the items listed on auctions only. We are not responsible for any different items sent by sellers.

Any possible issue will be regulated following Paypal policy.


9 – We reserve the right to suspend any account if any counterfeit items are tried to be listed or for any attempts of fraudulent activities.


10 – We are a Nevada based company so we follow Nevada jurisdiction.