Our Policy: 100% Safe

Our policy is : 100% FOOTBALL – 100% ORIGINAL – 100% GUARANTEED – 100% CERTIFIED

100% FOOTBALL – We operate exclusively in the football memorabilia industry. We don’t carry any other sporting memorabilia of any other kind.

100% ORIGINAL – The collectibles we display, sell and/or certify are 100% authentic. We only carry match worn or match issued items and authentic player’s collectibles. We don’t carry replicas nor shop’s items.

100% GUARANTEED – The collectibles we sell and/or certify are lifetime guaranteed by “Dieci Football Entertainment”. The “Warranty of Dieci” is a lifetime warranty.

100% CERTIFIED – An item certified by the “Warranty of Dieci” will increase its value day by day. The collector who gets the “Warranty of Dieci” can request to keep the authentication on “Dieci Football Entertainment” database in order to let other collectors know who the collectible belongs to. In this case any interested party can verify the authenticity through “Dieci Football Entertainment” even when items go through different hands time after time.